About Us

Our experience in the field of solar energy that began with R&D projects in Northern Europe in 2011 has continued with material supply to photovoltaic projects in Turkey in 2013 and engineering solutions. During 2017 which we were providing turnkey solutions and serving as an EPC company, we've installed more than 20 MW solar power plants.Founded in 2018, KOC ENERGY is providing consultancy services such as Project Development, Engineering and Procurement to solar power plants (Industrial Roofs, Licensed of Unlicensed projects) and Industry 4.0 Solutions thanks to its past experiences.


To become a world-class consulting company for the needs of Turkish Energy Sector through innovation, information and technology.


To increase energy independence of our country and to provide a clean future for people.

Our Solution

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    What does KOC ENERGY do?

    In order to save electricity and reduce costs, we offer renewable energy solutions to our investors from the idea to the installation process with strategic and accurate engineering.By reducing electricity costs that has a large share in operational expenses, we help our investors to grow up their business, increase the quality and achieve competitive advantages.

    Evaluation of Opportunities in the Market

  • What's the role of business opportunities in present and future?
  • What kind of risks can be occurred?
  • What should be proven before the investment or before losing time?
  • What are the investment opportunities and the incentives?

  • Business Plan and Financial Solutions

  • By analyzing comprehensively all the elements of your business model, we present financial and operational results under different scenarios.We make suggestions based on this information.
  • We build financial model of your investment through cost-benefit analysis, procurement, supply-chain consultancy, investment and operational cost calculations.

  • Assesment and Preparation of Business Plan

Our projects

Consulting and EPC

Why This Matters?

Nowadays, challenges are increasing with opportunities. Increasing population and living standards are pushing the world to the breaking point. We pollute the earth in a manner quicker than the power of nature to renew itself


  • Human Emissions

    More than 40% of the greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to electricity production and consumption. We can reduce one of the main threats for a stable climate and a healthy environment by switching from fossil fuels (coal, lignite, natural gas, gasoline etc.) to renewable energy (solar, wind, biogas etc.).

  • Energy Demand

    With improvements of people's living standards, their consumption also increases. Global energy demand is expected to grow by 30% until 2040.

  • Sustainability and Responsibility

    Electricity that produced from nuclear fuels generates radioactive waste that must be stored and managed for thousands of years. So far, about 250,000 tons of spent nuclear fuel was created. It is possible to solve the problem of energy demand, which has become the biggest problem of the world, with renewable and clean energy sources and without damaging the environment.

  • Radioactive Waste

    250,000 tons and growing up. We create and store toxic waste for future generations.

  • At the same time, millions of people live without power and its benefits. As long as these people strive for higher living standard, they should be able to do so without contributing to the pollution and destruction of our planet. We can achieve this with renewable energy.



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